"We are living in the internet
revolution, expanding faster than
any other communications
medium in history..."

Web Services

We are now living in the Internet revolution; as such the company website has generally become the first point of contact, setting the customer's expectations. Customers now invest time researching companies online before making a decision on which one to go with. The importance of a good web presence therefore is obvious, even the website and email addresses used by a company have great importance.

Website and email addresses set up

Using yahoo, bt internet or tiscali email addresses such as:


Will not give a professional feel. We can set up email and website addresses such as:


This will give your company a more professional look on your stationary, business cards, website, print advertising and even your vehicles. And its not as expensive as you might think, we can set this up for you for as little as £29.99, working closely with you to find an available address that suits your business and we can even set up email accounts on your computers for a small additional charge.

We can also set up a single landing page, or full website to go with your new address, read below to find out more.

Additional charges for the customer include domain name registry fees and monthly website and email hosting charges, which can be as low as £2.49 per year and £5.99 per month respectively, payable directly to the hosting company.

Website updates

No job too small! We can update spellings, copy, addresses & phone numbers, upload pdf files, create new pages, update meta tags, page descriptions, page titles, we can handle almost any update for the great rate of £19.99 per hour, our minimum charge is 1 hour, and we will always quote the price before we begin.

Website design

We offer, as a Bronze package a single static landing page to include your company description and contact information for £39.99. We can add pages at a later date so you can build your website slowly and to your budget.

We can also create a full website for you; prices start at £199.00 for a Silver Package, a simple site with up to 7 pages. The Gold package features options such as increased page count and an online shop with checkout, contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also offer services such as new website builds and website updates, no job is too small and the standard hourly rate for updates is £29.99. Get in touch with us to discuss the options with no obligation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

All our website packages include SEO to help your website listing results in the search engines.

Websites are ranked by many criteria, which includes the look and feel of the site, the quality of information on your site, the amount of traffic to your site and its source, the sites bounce rate, the length of time a visitor spends on the site, the list goes on. Optimising your site, as the analogy goes, is like moving your store from a quiet side street to a busy main road.

We can review your current website and additional SEO work is charged at £29.99 per hour.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics account set up is £49.99, adding the code to your site is charged at an hourly rate, for small website of up to 7 pages this should take no longer than an hour, charged at £29.99 per hour.

The traffic to your website can then be tracked, hits per month, landing pages, exit pages and bounce rates are just a small example of the valuable data available.

We suggest adding Google Analytics to your website from day 1 so you can watch your site traffic grow. Also, before making any modifications to your current website, we recommend adding Analytics first, in this way any improvements can be measured by changes in traffic.

Google AdWords

Setting up a Google Ad Word costs £49.99. Further campaign setup and management is charged at £29.99 per hour.

After set up, the client is responsible for ongoing Ad Word charges, which are payable directly to Google.