"Think outside the box, look
for interesting and different
marketing methods which
others have not used"

Top Marketing Tips

Here are some marketing top tips to help your business grow, this is not an exhaustive list, just a taster to get you going...

Start seeing your website as a serious sales tool

In today’s Internet based world a good presence is vital; since the Internet Revolution a company’s website has generally become the customer’s first point of contact, setting the customers expectations. Almost everyone now uses the internet to check out potential suppliers or service providers before contacting anyone. A good website can generate direct online sales, qualified sales leads and drive people to contact your company or service.

Optimise your website

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can help move your website up in the rankings, this also includes the look, feel and quality of the content of your website in the first place. Websites are ranked by many criteria, which can include the quality of information on your site, the amount of traffic to your site, bounce rate, the list goes on. Optimising your site, as the analogy goes, is like moving your store from a quiet side street to a busy main road.

Keep a database of customers

A good database of customers is essential; this way they can be contacted with special offers and promotions. It is far easier to service and existing customer than to find a new customer. Existing customers will know and trust you and be more willing to make a purchase or use your service. Make them feel special by offering them exclusive offers or releasing products to them before the general public. Customer details can be collected in store, at time of ordering, by telephone or online, creating your own database is far better than buying one.

Use email marketing

Email marketing is very cost effective and extremely powerful; this in conjunction with a good customer database is priceless. An almost infinite number of contacts can be emailed instantly. A fantastic benefit of using online email sending tools is that they offer statistics, measuring how many customers actually opened your email, forwarded it, how many deleted it without opening and so on. Consider sending promotions and offers, but also sending informational emails such as newsletters will keep customers interested and informed about your products and services.

Research your competition

It is wise to check out the competition, this will enable you to position yourself correctly in the market and get an idea of what customers expectations will be. Compare your offering to theirs and see where you can improve; price, service, guarantees etc. If possible, use the service or buy the product to take a closer look.

Charge the right amount

Make sure what you are charging the customer is the right amount; ask yourself, what amount of your money would you part with for that service or product? Charging too little can confuse the customer and they may well walk away, charging too much will have the same effect. Remember people are often happy to pay a higher price for higher quality.

Have low cost options

Some prospective customers will be looking for a cheap option and will not want to pay the full price for your product or service. Others may not be looking for high quality, so are not willing to pay for it. By offering a stripped out version you can service these customers too and avoid loosing out to your competitors.

Have a high quality option

Many customers will be looking for high quality, offering a comprehensive service or product will cater to these customers too. Combining products or services, or “bundling” into a premium package may be an option. Offering a higher quality version of the basic product or extra hours of your time may be the way to go.

Try to think outside the box

Look for interesting and different marketing methods which others have not used. You may find a good way to drive business to your premises or website; sponsoring local events or a local football team, having signage added to your company vehicle, are just a few of ideas. Many estate agents now make use of their signage when sponsoring school fetes at houses in the local area.