"There will be no market
for products everybody likes
a little, only for products
that somebody likes a lot"

Marketing Services

As Drucker says above, we must know and understand the customer, and offer a product that fits; this is Marketing in a nutshell. We can help you with almost all aspects of marketing to help sell to your customers and offer them products and services that fit their requirements.

Below is a small selection of marketing services we can offer to develop your business, contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Marketing check-up

We are pleased to offer a 1 Hour Marketing Check-Up, we can visit your premesis and discuss your current marketing, we can advise on improvements or new ideas. The hour is £19.99 but is refunded when taking any of our services subsequently. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us to book or for further details.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

If you have some customers, it is advisable to look after them, it is far easier to sell to an existing customer than to find new ones. CRM focuses on managing various aspcts of your communications with your customer; starting with their details and including phone calls to emails to orders.

There are various CRM softwares available, some free some very expensive, but for the small business an XL file may be enough to begin.

email marketing

First you must have some email addresses to email to! These can be collected from your website, from your shop counter or exhibitions and trade shows. Once you have a database of opted-in customer email addresses, you can start to consider email marketing. This form of direct marketing is inexpensive, very effective and not as complex as you may think. We can help you to collect email addresses, set up a database, design an emailer; including copy, and help you to send you first email marketing campaign.

Printed mail

As above but using snail mail, customers physical addresses must be collected in a database. Simple fliers are often effective, but catalogues and brochures can also be mailed as well as promotional items and teaser products. This type of direct marketing can be surprisingly effective as many people receive a great amount of email correspondance, which is often deleted, a tangible flier can cut through the "noise".

We can help you collect customer addresses from various sources such as website and shop counter, right through to mailing the first campaign.

Online marketing

Advertising online is now common place, overtaking printed advertising in many industries. We have experience in online banner advertising; terms such as skyscrapers and leaderboards sound like they should have nothing to do with marketing, but they do!

The website now plays a large part in influencing customer decisions, so a good web presence is essential, we can help with everything from building and maintaining a website to setting up and managing Google Ad Word campaigns.

Take a look at our other pages to find details of what we can offer in terms of online marketing such as social media campaigns, web services and top tips for marketing your business.